Why The Hurry?

A space-ship carrying some Earthlings lands on Mars, and when they step out of their space-ship, they are surrounded by Martians. But the Earthlings and Martians get along well, and discuss all sorts of subjects, eventually getting around to reproduction. To demonstrate. one of the Martians calls over another, they wrap tentacles around each other, and almost instantly, a baby Martian pops out of a little opening in the back of the adult Martian, who then asks: “How do you Earthlings reproduce?”

The space-ship captain asks one of his female colleagues to assist him, they both get naked, and did the deed.

When they are dressed again, the Martian asks the Earthlings: “Where is the baby?”

The captain explains, “Well, we can’t be sure if our efforts to have a baby will be successful, and even if they are, we won’t see the baby for nine months.”

The Martian is amazed. “If it takes so long to have a baby, why were you both in such a hurry at the end?”


All God’s children are not beautiful. Most of God’s children are, in fact, barely presentable. – Fran Lebowitz



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